Retail Stores

Keepwood Eyewear can currently be found at select shops in 5 different countries. If you are interested in being a Keepwood Shopist and proudly carrying our brand, please email us at for more info.


Here is a list of some of the stores we call home:



   EMK Clothing, Winnipeg, Canada


Uptown Woods, Keepwood retailer in Waterloo, Ontario. Featuring many Canadian brandsUptown Woods, Waterloo, Canada

Lyrebird Boutique retailer logo

Lyrebird Boutique, New South Wales, Australia

Optica Viu, Optical Boutique and Keepwood merchandiser in Montevideo, UruguayOptica Viu, Montevideo, Uruguay


Pattern & Grading Store, Keepwood vendor in Visby Sweden

Pattern & Grading, Visby, Sweden


Dovetail Rivet & Stitch, Galesburg, USA

 CABIN Goods and Grooming, Keepwood stockist in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada

CABIN- Goods & Grooming, Port Credit, Canada