We know you are going to love your purchase of Keepwood Sustainable Eyewear. But if you require more convincing, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help seal the deal...
Q. What kind of lenses are used in your sunglasses?
-We use UV400 Polarized TAC lenses in all of our sunwear
Q. What does polarized mean?
-Polarized lenses have a special coating that helps to reduce blinding glare. Glare results in a loss of visual performance and is caused by the sun reflecting off of water or other surfaces. Polarized lenses are especially effective for driving and water sports, but offer other benefits as well. They improve visual comfort and clarity, improve contrast, reduce eyestrain, and allow for true perception of colors.
Q. Will my sunglasses float?
-While some styles of wood or bamboo sunglasses do float, many do not. Our eyewear is crafted in a variety of different shapes and styles using many different materials therefore we cannot guarantee that any pair will float. 
Q. Are my wood or bamboo sunglasses or eyeglasses water proof? 
-Although Keepwoods are water resistant we do not recommend that you submerge them in water for extended periods of time. If they do get wet we recommend drying them off when possible.
Q. Am I able to put prescription lenses into Keepwood sunglasses?
-Some Keepwood sunglasses are Rx-able but most are not. Please see the product descriptions to find out which models are prescription ready.
Q. Are all of your eyeglass frames prescription ready?
-Of course! All of our wood eyeglass frames are designed so that your prescription lenses can be safely and easily installed into them by a qualified optician. There are tiny screws located under the temples or under the bridge that can be loosened to allow slight openings in the wood. Please ensure you take your frames to an optician that you trust to have this done. We do not provide lens installation services.
Q. Will any of the stains used to colour your products rub off on my skin or clothes?
-No. All of our products have a light wax finish to maintain to protect the stains and prevent bleeding.
Q. How should I take care of my eyewear so it doesn't become damaged?
-All Keepwood Eyewear is carefully packaged in a cotton pouch and hard bamboo case. We recommend storing your eyewear in this manner when not in use to prevent damage. You will also receive a micro fiber cloth for cleaning the lenses which we recommend using. If required, you may use a lens cleaner as well. You may choose to use beeswax rubbed into the wood from time to time to maintain a nice finish.
Q. What is laminate wood? How is it different from the other woods you sell?
-Most of our wooden optical frames are made from laminate wood as it is the most durable type of wood glasses. Our laminate wood consists of 15 layers of wood pressed together. These glasses are very lightweight. Solid wood differs in that the wood is handcrafted in its natural state, not pressed and processed into laminate. The result is a more natural and traditional look. Our solid woods are also very lightweight and durable. 
Q. Is your wood and bamboo sustainable?
-Bamboo is highly sustainable and renewable. It grows rapidly and under almost any condition, produces more oxygen than trees, and is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. The woods we use are renewable, non-endangered and non-restricted. 
Q. What countries do you sell to?
-Most of our sales are made to the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, and the UK. We are very excited to sell more infrequently to customers in places like New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Iceland, and Peru. We do offer free shipping to anywhere in the world, however there are a few more details about our shipping you should know if you aren't in one of the more frequently-shipped-to countries. Please read more here: Shipping Info