About Us | The Keepwood Story

Keepwood Sustainable Eyewear was born in 2013 from the question- How do we slow the waste being generated by the eyewear industry, particularily that of sunglasses? We were noticing everywhere we went there was a display of cheap sunglasses, begging consumers to buy them. These are built to break within a short timeframe. The designs are mostly fashion trends that don't even last the season. We fell in love with the idea of natural wood sunglasses and prescription wood frames, but there was huge gap in the Canadian market. We wanted to fill that gap, and to help give people a more sustainable option when purchasing new eyewear. 
We opened as a small shop on Etsy, and after celebrating our first few sales, we knew we had to go a step further. We wanted to make more of a difference. We thought it fitting that since the majority of our products are made from wood, we should donate to an organization that plants trees. We fell in love with the projects of Trees for the Future (www.trees.org). They don't just plant trees, they have programs designed to transform the lives of families and communities. They assist families to build diverse Forest Gardens, which provide a sustainable food source, give them shelter and fuel, generate income, and regenerate the land. The results are astonishing. 
We have come a long way in a relatively short time, and have big dreams for the future. We can currently be found online and in shops in 5 countries and growing. For a list of some of the places you can check us out in, click here: Retail Stores